Black Oak Resort


 We have several special discounts available:

10% Repeat Customer Discount

After you have stayed with us once, anytime you return, you are entitled to a 10% discount off the cost of your cabin.


  1. You receive a 10% discount on cabin rates if you are a returning customer and your deposit is received by the agreed upon date.
  2. 10% discount applies on stays of three days or longer.
  3. 10% discount applies to the cost of your cabin rental only -- not to equipment rentals, merchandise, or licenses.

10% Referral Discount

If you refer a new customer to our resort, you are entitled to a discount on your cabin equal to 10% off the cost of their cabin. This is the most inexpensive way to advertise our resort: word of mouth. This discount applies to any length stay for anytime of year. The only stipulations are that the new guest must have completed their stay at the time we apply your discount to the cost of your cabin. If not, then you will have a credit off on your next stay. Only one discount can be given on any new customer. Also, this discount applies to repeat customers only.