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Greetings and Happy New Year to All Our 1991 Customers

Here’s hoping 1991 was a good year for all of you! As we look back over our year, we have much to be thankful for. Overall, we had a very successful year, meeting new people and welcoming old friends back. We stayed on schedule with our plans for 1991 and as always we had some trials and tribulations to go along with our good fortune.


     Pick A Month
     From Our Guests - Salsa
     1992 Calendar of Events
     New for 1992
     1991 Results: Annual Resort Fishing Contest
     Tackle Talk
     Downrigger Fishing on Bull Shoals Lake
     “Best” List of Local Restaurants
     Retirement and Investment Opportunities in the Ozarks
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     Arkansas Weather Information

The good news was that we finished construction on our new 2-bedroom deluxe cabin (Cabin 8) and everyone loved the finished product. We did a few things differently this time. We put in some spectacular furnishings: mauve carpeting, a 25-inch remote color TV, a wider whirlpool tub (4’ by 6’), and a bigger capacity central heating and cooling unit. We were so pleased with the results that we are going ahead and building two more for next year. We also purchased another bigger and better bass boat, a Bass Pro V-17. We started a video club for our guests with VCR’s for rent and a library of over 60 tapes to choose from. You can either bring your own VCR or rent one of ours. We also put microwaves in every cabin.

We had to do some other things out of necessity. During July, our well pump died, and we had to replace it. We were very lucky to have our well back in operation in less than 15 hours. Our customers were wonderful about it, taking the lack of water in stride. We flushed toilets with buckets of water from the pool, we got water for coffee from the pumps at the campground, and people were bathing in the lake. What an experience! (Nerve-racking for us, but thanks to our great customers, we got through with nary an ulcer!) We also had to replace our field lines on our septic system (another unforeseen calamity, but again, we lived through it). So now our plumbing is in ship-shape! So many things can go wrong it’s amazing that most of the time everything works fine.

Another milestone in our lives came in 1991. Michael and I became first-time grandparents of a beautiful baby girl, Justine Aliese, born April 23, 1991. Can it be that we’re old enough? Healthwise, we really don’t have any major complaints, and for that we’re very grateful.

We are now taking a much needed break, getting ready with our plans for 1992. As in the past, we offer all our repeat customers a 10% discount off on our cabin rates, as well as a discount for all referrals. This is our way of showing our appreciation. Again, thank you all for yet another year of fond memories. We’re looking ahead to next year when we can welcome you back!

Pick A Month

Anytime is a good time to visit Arkansas. But if you want to pick a month with something special for you, check out these!

January - Eagle Watching
February and March - Walleye
March thru May - Crappie
April - Springtime Flowering Trees
      (Dogwood, Redbud, Plum)
April thru June - Trout
May and June - Downrigger Fishing or Motor Trolling
May and June - Largemouth
June - White Bass
July and August - Night Fishing
August - Stargazing (Perseus Meteor Shower)
September thru December - Craft Shows
October - Fall Colors
November and December - Spotting (not shooting)
      Wild Turkey
August and December - Sunsets

From Our Guests

One of the benefits of owning a resort is the chance to get to know so many different, interesting people. We learn a lot from our customers. For instance, Jim Ryan showed Michael how to fix our new whirlpool tub drain stopper; Glen Householder showed Michael how to drill through concrete when they were working together on the deck in Cabin 8 (you rent a hammer drill)!

Also, during our get-togethers with our guests, we get to sample some new products that, if you haven’t already tried them, you should: From Rodney and Renee Poynter: Ocean Spray Cran-Fruit (Cranberry Raspberry flavor). From Marlene Ryan: Hidden Valley Ranch Party Dip (great with raw vegetables or chips). From numerous guests: Wheatables Crackers.

We do plenty of partying on our pontoon boat, and each year we sample some delicious snacks prepared by our guests. This past year we were treated to a wonderful recipe for salsa.

Many thanks to our customers for so many entertaining ideas and for all your help in our many fix-it projects!

From John and Deb Rossman of
Hanover Park, Illinois

     2 28-oz. cans Dei-Fratelli seasoned diced
             tomatoes (homestyle)
     1 12-oz. can of Italian seasoned tomato sauce
     1 green pepper, chopped fine
     1 medium onion, chopped fine
     3 jalapeno peppers, chopped fine (including seeds).
        You can also use the ones from the jar.

Combine ingredients in a bowl, then sprinkle with cumin to cover the top. Mix. Serve with corn tortilla chips. Note: This recipe is hot and spicy and will get hotter the longer it sits. You can eat it right away, no need to wait. Another suggestion is to mix all the ingredients up to the jalapeno, then half the recipe and add more jalapeno to one half, making it spicier than the other, so the children (and wimpy adults) can enjoy a milder version.

1992 Calendar of Events

Some of the special events in our area to help you plan the time of your trip.

January 10-12
     Eagle Awareness Weekend, Bull Shoals State Park

January 24-February 2
     Come see us at the Chicagoland Sport Show
     (Booth 820) at O’Hare Expo Center

March 7-8
     Gun Show, Village Mall, Mountain Home

March 21-22
     Oakland Area Resorts Spring Opener Tournament,
     Bull Shoals Lake

March 24-27
Golden Blend Tournament, Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock

April 10-12
     Ozark’s Springtime Wildflower Weekend,
     Bull Shoals State Park

     Trout Release, Bull Shoals Lake

April 19
     Easter Egg Hunt, Bull Shoals State Park

April 22
     Earth Day Celebration, Bull Shoals State Park

April 24-26
     Dogwood Festival, Lakeview

May 22-24
     Trout Fest, Bull Shoals State Park

May 24
     Pool opens at Black Oak Resort

June 5-6
     Craft Fair, Village Mall, Mountain Home

June 7-13
     Ozark Mountain Bicycle Challenge (6 day tour $139)

June 21
     Fathers Day Trout Fishing Tournament,
     Bull Shoals State Park

June 26-27
     Craft Fair, Village Mall, Mountain Home

July 2-4
     Dam Reunion (40th Anniversary of Bull Shoals
     and Norfork Dams)

July 4
     Fireworks Display, Bull Shoals Dam

July 16-18
     First Annual Scuba Roundup,
     Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock

July 25
     Miss North Central Arkansas Pageant, Mountain Home

August 19-22
     Marion County Fair

September 6
     Ozark Mountain Air Festival, Flippin

September 16-19
     Baxter County Fair

September 17-19
     Hootin’ and Hollerin’, Gainesville, MO

September 19-20
     Gun Show, Village Mall, Mountain Home

October 3-4
     Cameo Club Arts and Crafts Show, Mountain Home

October 3-4
     Colorama, Bull Shoals

October 9-10
     Turkey Trot, Yellville

October 17-18
     Champion Tournament

October 23-24
     Craft Fair, Village Mall, Mountain Home

December 5
     Meramec Valley Bass Tournament, Oakland Marina

New For 1992

We are excited about our plans for 1992! As we mentioned, we just got the approval from our “friendly banker” for the necessary funds to begin construction of our duplex, which replaces our old office (Cabin 1). We have moved to Cabin 7, which will be our home until we build our lodge. The duplex will be two deluxe 2-bedroom units with a connecting door, so it can be used by one large group (up to 16), or by two separate groups. Each unit will have two bedrooms, each with a king-size bed; two queen-size sleeper sofas and a fireplace in the living room, full kitchen, whirlpool bath, separate shower, central heat and air, and a deck that spans the lake side of the cabin with access from the master bedroom and the living room from sliding glass doors. The two cabins will be just like our existing deluxe 2-bedroom cabins. We’re shooting for construction to be completed by mid-April of 1992.

We will also be getting another V-17 Bass Pro bass boat by April for all you fishermen. This boat has been so popular, we had to get another one to keep up with the demand.

We imagine our two new cabins will be keeping us very busy this spring, but we know it will be well worth the effort when we see how pleased you’ll be.

We still have our orientation fishing trips on our pontoon for all our guests. In addition, we plan to do more downrigger fishing as well! We plan to have cookouts each week with each guest bringing a dish to share, combined with a horseshoe tournament for added fun.

For those of you who like to try new things on vacation, consider taking an introductory scuba diving course in our pool. Or, you May opt for the 4-day open water course which qualifies you as a certified scuba diver. For more information, contact Jim Jensen, PADI Instructor, at (870) 431-8855.

1991 Results: Annual Resort Fishing Contest

This year our annual fishing contest was almost a clean sweep for Illinois. Not one winner was from Arkansas, which was a big surprise! The only one who broke the mold was Rob Grillion, from O’Fallon, Missouri, who walked away from the competition with a really nice 7-pound largemouth. I must congratulate Rob, not only for that nice catch, but also because he caught it during our Oakland Resort Spring Opener, and took both 2nd place and “Big Bass,” which gave him most of the prize money. And the best thing is, he released that fish back into Bull Shoals, and now it’s probably 10 pounds now, and a whole lot smarter! Congratulations, Rob!

We also had a repeat winner; Connie North. Either Connie or her husband John seem to win every year. Notice we have three women winners this year. One, Katie Martino is a mere girl (8 years old). Two other things of note. Gene Babb was one lucky guy, winning in two categories a day apart. Also, notice that we had a very hot lure this year; the Northport Nailer, winning in three categories. I’d buy stock in that company if I were you! The top color seemed to be chartreuse this year (four categories). AND, you’ll notice that we had TWO winners from the SAME city in Illinois (Elk Grove Village). What a coincidence!

One more thing: Winning fish this year were bigger than last year in five categories, and smaller in three. So, overall, the fish are getting bigger in Bull Shoals, just like I predicted! Looks like the spring and summer turned out to be hot fishing months, but even though no winners turned up in the fall or winter, the tournaments on the lake had some stunning top weights. The Meramec Valley Tournament held in December (a one-day tournament) had a winning weight for 12 bass over 32 pounds. And the Champion Tournament held in mid-October, had a higher winning weight than in all the previous years since we’ve been here! It was also another good spawn this year, so we KNOW the fishing will be tremendous next year as well.

Largemouth Bass
7 pounds
Rob Grillion
O’Fallon, MO
March 16
Silver & Black
Sassy Shad
6 lb. 14 oz.
Bob Dessent
Elk Grove Village, IL
July 26
*Chartreuse Northport Nailer
Smallmouth (Tie)
3 lb. 9 oz.
Marlene Ryan
Blue Island, IL
May 9
Green Jig & Minnow
Harry Gustafson
Elk Grove Village, IL
April 14
Rainbow Trout
3 lb. 10 oz.
Gene Babb
Lisle, IL
June 5
*Chartreuse Northport Nailer
9 lb. 14 oz.
Connie North
Park Ridge, IL
May 4
Pa’s Walleye Deep Diver (Purple) with Minnow
Kentucky Bass
3 lb. 8 oz.
Katie Martino
Hanover Park, IL
June 3
*Chartreuse Crankbait
White Bass
4 pounds
Gene Babb
Lisle, IL
June 6
*Chartreuse Northport Nailer
2 lb. 6 oz.
Jim Williford
Chicago, IL
April 15

*Denotes a catch using a downrigger. We were thrilled with our luck downrigger fishing in late spring and summer. So were our customers!

Winners will receive a 10% discount on their cabin on their next stay at Black Oak, plus a Black Oak Resort cap or t-shirt, plus a wall plaque of recognition of achievement. Your name will also be on our resort plaque with the fishing contest winners for 1991. Congratulations!

Tackle Talk

There will be a change in fishing regulations next year. Largemouth bass taken from Bull Shoals must be 15 inches. We welcome this change, since this species has a harder time reproducing in our lake than the other bass species. The size limit for smallmouth and Kentucky Bass is still 12 inches. There is also a change in the annual license for Arkansas. When you purchase an annual license, it will be good for a year from the date of purchase. Also note the fee changes for licenses on our rate brochure. These rate changes went into effect in July, 1991.

We must make mention of a change that is taking place among many fishermen in their attitude towards the sport. Catch and release has really caught on. As we mentioned, one of our contest winners, Rob Grillion, released his catch (which was a wall-hanger, too), and many of our customers are doing the same. We are pleased at this shift in attitude, because conservation is something we strongly support. Our hats off to those of you who are beginning to take only a few keepers for your table and letting the rest go to “fight another day.” We plan on giving special recognition next year to those winners in our fishing contest who release those big fish instead of eating them or hanging them on the wall (hang the picture on the wall instead)!

Downrigger Fishing on Bull Shoals Lake

First of all, there’s no better lake for this type of fishing than Bull Shoals because of its depth. We started taking fishing trips with our customers on our pontoon boat, which we equipped with three downriggers. We’ve been catching a mixed bag of species: walleye, trout, white bass, Kentucky, even smallmouth. Our success has been amazing. Just look at how many winners in our fishing contest were caught with this method. We just don’t realize how really deep the fish go in this lake! This is now part of our vacation package: morning or evening trips on the pontoon boat with our guests, stalking the big ones. We’ve had so much fun with this type of fishing. It’s so conducive to doing what you love (fishing), but doing it in a way you can trade stories and make friends, and take the wife or kids along for the ride at the same time, plus plenty of action almost guaranteed. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the fun you’ll have, not to mention the good fishing.

“Best” List of Local Restaurants

We are repeating this column from last year’s newsletter because it came in so handy for everyone when they were here. We’ve updated it, of course, and added a few new places too!

Best Fried Chicken:
     Durbon’s Restaurant, Promise Land

Best Appetizer:
     Potato Skins, 178 Club, Bull Shoals

Best View From Your Table:
     Gaston’s overlooking the White River

Best Steaks:
     Top Kat Lounge, State Line in Missouri

Best Soup:
     Cream of Broccoli, Durbon’s Restaurant, Promise Land

Best Buffet:
     Bowen’s or
     Bamboo Garden (Friday & Saturday Night)

Best Seafood:
     178 Club, Bull Shoals

Best Barbeque:
     Gerry’s Longhorn, Lakeview or
     Couch’s, Mountain Home

Best Hamburger:
     The Back Forty, Mountain Home or
     The Top Kat

Best Atmosphere:
     Chelsea’s, Mountain Home

Best Oriental:
     Bamboo Garden, Mountain Home

Best New Place With a Gimmick:
     The Front Page, Mountain Home
     Entrée plus two vegetables start you off, then
     while you eat, servers come around with free
     “extras” like hot rolls, ham and beans, fried
     okra, and more!

Newest Fast Food:
     Captain D’s, Mountain Home

My ALLTIME Favorite Pigout Place:
     STILL the 178 Club

Best “Organic”:
     The Vegetable Garden

Retirement and Investment Opportunities in the Ozarks

Are you thinking about retirement? Well, consider the Ozarks for a minute. Two clear lakes, Bull Shoals and Norfork, two of the most beautiful coldwater rivers in the nation, the White and North Fork River, an unpolluted, uncrowded environment, and one of the most unique retirement areas ranked consistently at the top of choice retirement areas in the nation: Mountain Home. Approximately 60% of the population is retired, with 70% coming from out-of-state, from every walk of life and profession. Besides the beauty, this area has one of the lowest costs of housing and taxes. There are four distinct seasons, with a gentle climate with no extremes. There’s much more to tell. For a 30-minute videotape of the Mountain Home area and further information, contact Vicki Jensen at Gilbert Realty (1-800-562-7893) or 870-431-8355.

It’s a Fact

Arkansas has over 300,000 registered boats. Only Minnesota has more per capita!

Arkansas in the News

Arkansas is getting lots of recognition lately. Our governor, Bill Clinton is running for president, one of the hit TV shows is about a town in Arkansas called “Evening Shade,” and now you all know that one of the richest men in this country lives in Arkansas: Sam Walton of Wal-Mart fame!

Arkansas Weather Information

We know you want perfect weather for your vacation, so we’ve included a guide to average temperatures and precipitation by month for the state, so hopefully you’ll know what type of clothing to bring along, and when to plan your trip. NO, you can’t all come in May! My favorite month is September, when the humidity drops and the nights turn crisp.

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