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Greetings and Happy New Year to All of Our Customers of 1994

As 1994 draws to a close, we once again take this time to reflect upon the past year. When we first embarked upon our journey as owners of a resort, we had great expectations of what we could accomplish. Little did we know just how much effort it would take, or the amount of satisfaction we would derive from it. Our guests give us so much more than we can ever give them. Their generosity, encouragement, helpfulness and caring have sustained us throughout. We are among the lucky ones who truly love what we do.


New No-Smoking, No Pets Cabin in ‘95
Discount Policies
1995 Rates
1994 Results: Annual Black Oak Fishing Contest
“Best” List of Area Restaurants
Tackle Talk
Something New At Black Oak!
From Our Guests - "Best" Biscuits and Gravy
Celebrities and Celebrity

This past year was one of our roughest in many ways. In January, Betty had gallbladder surgery right before the Chicago Sports Show. In July, Betty’s mother was in the final stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, and we knew she was dying. Betty spent as much time as possible with her until her death in August. We held the funeral in Chicago. Trying to run our business during this time was very difficult. But our guests came through for us as always, showing so much compassion and understanding, that we somehow made it through. We’re so very grateful for you all.

We also had an unusual number of unexpected breakdowns, catastrophes, you name it. Betty’s car had the transmission quit on the trip to Chicago in January. Michael’s lower unit on his Ranger quit in March. We almost lost our cat, Little Blackie, when Kala took a chunk out of her pelvis and back. She survives, minus her tail. Our freezer quit in July.

We still have our three old dogs. The cats now number four. Betty’s been walking the dogs every day on Ozark Isle, so expect to see a slimmed-down version of them all. Michael is still Oakland’s Fire Chief and Betty is still serving on the Chamber of Commerce Board.

Our “Lodge Fund” glass jug netted us $411 in September, and is once again growing. We had a lot of fun with this, and I now have a long list of “Preferred Seating” guests. Our top contributor: Rodney and Renee Poynter (Table 1 by the Window!). We thank you all!

We continue to plan for our lodge. We plan to begin construction in the fall and be ready to open in ’96. We’re glad now that we postponed this project last year. As it turned out, we wouldn’t have been in quite the financial position we had hoped to be in due to all the unforeseen events.

Once again, we’re so thankful for all our wonderful guests, for their support and sympathy during a tough year, and for all the wonderful memories of good times we had. We look forward to seeing you all in ’95. We will again be at the Chicagoland Sport Show at O’Hare Expo Center January 27 thru February 5 (Booth 822). Look for our new exhibit! We hope to see you there!

New No-Smoking, No Pets Cabin in ‘95

Last year we converted Cabin 7 into our first “NO SMOKING” cabin. With such a positive response from our guests, and with more and more people quitting, we have decided to convert a second cabin to a “No Smoking/No Pets” cabin. Our customers have requested this, and even though we want to assure you that we love animals and want you to continue to bring them with you, there are those among us who suffer from allergies or asthma, who need to have a place to say where they can safely breathe. We’ll still have 7 cabins without restrictions. We’ve decided to make Cabin 6 No-Smoking and Cabin 7 No Smoking/No Pets. We may have to shuffle some of our guests to other comparable cabins to do this. We hope that with your cooperation, we should be able to make everybody happy.

Discount Policies

We offer several types of discounts for our guests that you need to know about.

Repeat Customer Discount -
We offer a 10% cabin discount to returning guests on subsequent stays with us. This discount applies to any confirmed reservation WITH DEPOSIT RECEIVED BY JANUARY 20. Reservation must be for three or more days. This discount is our way of showing our appreciation to you for the greatest compliment we can receive: Someone who likes what we have to offer and comes back over and over.

Referral Discount -
We also offer a referral discount to our REPEAT customers. Whenever we receive a reservation of three or more days from a new customer who was referred to us by you, 10% of that new customer’s cabin stay will be discounted off your next stay. Word-of-mouth recommendations are the best free advertising we can get, and we want to pass the savings on to you.

Off-Season Rates
Our off-season begins November 1 and continues through March 15. Come see us after the crowd has left and treat yourself to the most peaceful vacation ever.

Weather is mild here year round, and you can still enjoy the outdoors minus most of the tourists.

We offer 25% off our regular rates at this time on stays of 3 days or more. No other discounts apply.

We also offer 10% AARP discounts during October.

1995 Rates

1-Bedroom Cabin
     (Rate based on first 2 people)­­­­­*
     Fireplaces in Bedroom and Living Room, Full
           Kitchenette with Microwave, Color TV and VCR,
           Queen and Twin Beds in Bedroom, Double Sleeper
           Sofa in Living Room, Sleeps up to 5 People
     Daily $52.00      Weekly $280.00

Deluxe 1-Bedroom Cabin
(Rate based on first 2 people)*
     Whirlpool Tub for Two with Separate Shower,
           King-size Bed, Brand-new Appliances, Carpeting
           and Furnishings, Central Heat and Air, Skylights,
           Wood Deck. Fireplace in Living Room and in
           Bedroom, Full Kitchen including Microwave,
           Queen-Size Sleeper Sofa in Living Room, 25”
           Remote Color TV with VCR, Natural Cedar
           Exterior, Sleeps up to 4 People.
     Daily $72.00      Weekly $385.00

Deluxe 2-Bedroom Cabin
(Rate based on first 4 people)*     
     Whirlpool Tub for 2 with Separate Shower, King-size
           Beds in each Bedroom, Skylights: 2 in Bathroom,
           2 in Living Room, Wood Deck 16’ X 28’
           Overlooking the Lake, Native Stone Raised Hearth
           Fireplace in Living Room, Full Kitchen Including
           Microwave, Two Queen-Size Sleeper Sofas in
           Living Room, 25” Remote Color TV with VCR,
           Central Heat and Air, Natural Cedar Exterior, New
           Appliances, Carpeting & Furnishings, Sleeps up
           to 8 People.
     Daily $92.00      Weekly $485.00

*Each Additional Person Each Pet
Daily $6.00
Weekly $36.00
Daily $5.00
Weekly $30.00

Equipment Rental

Full Day
Pontoon Boat - 28 Foot Lowe Classic (1987) - Gas extra
Ski Boats, Jet Skis, Scuba Equipment
Available Upon Request
Bass Boat - Bass Pro
Full Day
V-17 Guide Boat, 40 HP Electric Start Motor, Foot-Controlled Trolling Motor, LCD, Live-Well, Swivel Seats, Lockable Rod Storage
15 HP Motor
Trolling Motor w/ Battery
$ 9.00
$ 45.00
Extra Boat
$ 7.00
$ 35.00
Extra Stall
$ 5.00
$ 25.00

Ski Boats, Jet Skis Available
Scuba Equipment Upon Request

* Weekly rates for boats and motors include one free tank of gas.

Full Day
Guide Service
(Gas Extra)


3-Day Nonresident Fishing
7-Day Nonresident Fishing  
14-Day Nonresident Fishing  
Annual Nonresident Fishing
Annual Nonresident Trout Stamp
$ 7.50

1994 Results: Annual Black Oak Fishing Contest

This year had bigger fish in five categories than last year (Smallmouth, Kentucky, Crappie, Rainbow, White), and smaller in three (Largemouth, Walleye, Catfish). We had no entries for Bluegill or Lake Trout, but we added a Brown Trout. So, I’d say the fishing is as good as ever, even on a bit of an upswing as far as size. The winning White Bass is the largest we’ve ever recorded since we began our contest in 1987. The winning Brown Trout is also the largest ever recorded. (Both caught by “girls”!) The women are gaining on the men, winning THREE categories.

Most of the winners are again from our home state of Illinois. Art and Gregg Comer and Glen Householder have now won for three years in a row. Category winners were caught in every month from March through August, and also in November.

Michael once again beats out one of our winners: This time in the Rainbow Trout category. He beat Glen Householder’s 6 lb. 7 oz. Rainbow with a 7 lb. 5 oz. beauty (the record rainbow ever caught), caught downrigger fishing at 8:30 a.m. on July 20, using a pink and chrome Northport Nailer at 50 feet. Michael now holds two records: This year’s rainbow and last year’s 11 lb. 4 oz. walleye. Not to worry, Glen, since you were the only winner this year in two categories (Rainbow and Kentucky Bass). Michael’s win doesn’t officially count in the contest, of course.

All contest winners will receive an additional 10% cabin discount on their next stay with us, plus Black Oak cap or T-shirt, and also a wall plaque recognizing their achievement. Winners names will also be on our Black Oak Annual 1994 Fishing Contest plaque at the resort. Congratulations to you all!

Largemouth Bass
4 lb. 2 oz.
Scott MacKay
Bloomingdale, IL
November 25, 2 p.m
2 lb. 2 oz.
Debbie Gawell
Plainfield, IL
April 20, 8 a.m.
Wiggle Wart
Windy Calm
Channel Catfish (Blue)
16 lb. 3 oz.
Art & Gregg Comer
Independence, MO
August 22
Minnow Jug, Shad
5 lb. 9 oz.
Ken Hargadon
Chicago, IL
August 25, 12:20 p.m.
Lindy Rig, 38 Ft.
Clear, Calm
Rainbow Trout
6 lb. 7 oz.
Glen Householder
Waukegan, IL
May 22
Blue & Silver Pro King
Downrigger, 30 Ft.
Point 18
Sunny, 85
Smallmouth Bass
3 lb. 15 oz.
Wayne Meyers
Downers Grove, IL
April 20, 8 p.m.
4" Chartreuse Berkley
Power Grub
"Catch and Release"
White Bass
4 lb. 5 oz.
Kathy Ash
Justice, IL
March 15, 8 a.m.
Black & Silver Floating Rapala
Sunny, Calm

Kentucky Bass
3 lb. 5 oz.
Glen Householder
Waukegan, IL
June 2, 5:30 a.m. Green & Silver Pro Spoon Downrigger, 40’, Slider

Brown Trout
7 lb. 5 oz.
Susan Tavolacci
Elk Grove Village, IL
July 7, 7 p.m.
Plastic Worm, Natural
White River

“Best” List of Area Restaurants
Best Appetizer
     Potato Skins, 178 Club, Bull Shoals

Best View
Gaston’s, overlooking the White River

Best Steaks
     The Top Kat, State Line in Missouri

Best Buffet
     The Front Porch, Yellville
     Bamboo Garden, (Friday & Saturday Night)

Best Seafood
     178 Club

Best Hamburger
     The Back Forty, Mountain Home
     Top Kat

Best Atmosphere
     Chelsea’s, Mountain Home

Best Oriental
     Bamboo Garden, Mountain Home

Newest Restaurant
     European House, Mountain Home

Best Salad
     Gino’s, Mountain Home

Best Prime Rib
     178 Club (Saturdays)

NO SMOKING Establishment:
      Dutchman Restaurant, Mountain Home

Tackle Talk

Some of our guests, such as Art and Gregg Comer, are great live-bait fishermen who consistently bring home the fish. We’ve seen the local fishermen outfish the tourist primarily because they are not averse to fishing with live bait. OK, downrigger fishing is a close second on these waters also. But, when the fishing is tough, give that nightcrawler, minnow, or crayfish a try!

As we welcome you back in 1995, look forward to something new at Black Oak!

We’re planning to begin construction of “The Lodge” this fall. We are so excited about this. It’s been ten years in the making, and even though we’ve come this far, we won’t be satisfied until we are truly a “Full-Service Resort.” We hope to have something for everybody: A dining room, private club, soda fountain, entertainment theater (dish and big screen TV), workout facility, pool table, laundry facilities, gift shop, and even a reservation desk. We also hope to have a kenneling facility, and an observatory. But since the lodge won’t be complete until ’96, you probably want to hear about what’s new for ’95.
     · New 25” TV with remote for Cabins 6 and 7
     · Storage lockers for dock
          (we didn’t forget you, Rodney)
     · New cranberry carpeting for Cabin 9
     · Clock radios in all cabins
     · Two new Queen Sleeper Sofas for Cabin 6
     · Another new fiberglass fully-rigged bass boat

From Our Guests

This year, I’d like to pass on what it took me all these ten years in Arkansas to learn how to make: That great southern specialty, Biscuits and Gravy. The funny thing about it is: Guess who showed me how? Renee Poynter, of Palos Hills, Illinois! But, her husband Rodney has southern roots (Kentucky).

“Best” Biscuits & Gravy
     1 pkg. Giant Pillsbury Southern Style Biscuits,
           prepared to pkg. directions
     1/2 pkg. (1 lb. size) mild or hot (to taste) bulk pork sausage
     2-1/2 cups milk
     8 T. flour
     Salt, pepper to taste

Brown sausage in skillet, breaking into small pieces as it cooks. Add flour to milk. Blend well with wire whisk. Add salt and pepper. Add seasoned milk/flour mixture to skillet. Cook over med-hi heat until thickened and bubbly. Boil for 1 minute. Should be thick. If too thick, thin with a little milk.
Note: Drain sausage if too much grease. This will depend on the sausage used. You will want a little grease left in pan. Best made in large Teflon skillet.

Celebrities and Celebrity

We’ve been discovered by journalism’s finest. Staying with us this year were Dick Weisz and Sue Wright. Dick writes a column on running and walking for the Daily Herald in the Chicago area.

Dick walked with Betty many mornings on Ozark Isle, and a friendship was formed. With an invitation from Dick to come up and be part of the Chicago Marathon’s volunteer organization, Betty and brother Bill were treated to a wonderful experience: Helping out at the 4-mile mark at the Marathon, and the highlight of the trip, an invitation from Dick to attend the press conference, where Betty got to meet Joan Benoit Samuelson. Dick, thank you so much!

Also, Black Oak Resort was featured in an article on “Ozark Getaways” in the December 3 issue of the Baxter Bulletin (Mountain Home). Fame has found us!

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